1-1 Trauma-Informed Parent Coaching

Heal from your past to become the calm, connected mom you truly want to be!


Parenting has a way of bringing up your deepest wounds, old traumas, and family patterns (the ones you swore you'd never repeat!)

You had great expectations going into parenthood about the kind of mother you planned to be -- kind, patient and loving-- but with boundaries when appropriate.

You would NOT repeat the same mistakes your parents made, and your children would have a Very Different Childhood than the one you had.

But the realities of modern motherhood have brought you to your knees and you find yourself in a near constant state of exhaustion, overwhelm and mom guilt. 

You ARE repeating those same patterns from your own childhood and you feel so damn guilty about it-- continually promising yourself you'll do things differently tomorrow. But the changes never seem to last long.

You find yourself triggered a lot by your children and you're not even sure why. 

You might even be questioning why you became a parent and whether you're actually cut out for the job...

You love your children SO much and you want so badly to give them your best-- but what you do never feels like enough.


You're spending a lot of time not feeling good enough as a mother and worrying about messing up your children each time you lose your cool with them. 


All the parenting books, podcasts and social media accounts just don't seem to be enough...


Even with the best parenting tricks, tools and scripts in the world... if you're often in a state of exhaustion, overwhelm and dysregulation they're just not going to work. 


You end up being triggered by your children a lot and you know your nervous system is dysregulated-- and you're not sure how to change that. 


I really get how badly you want to be the very best mother for your children-- the pressure feels heavy and it's so taxing on your body, mind and spirit.

It IS possible to become that parent you've always dreamed of being (the conscious, connected and present parent!)


And it's possible to actually love and enjoy your experience of parenthood and feel fulfilled on your motherhood journey. 


But the healing work comes first. 


Doing your own inner healing work allows new possibilities to arise!


You CAN become the mother you were meant to be!


You CAN be more calm, patient and present (without the yelling or impatience!)


You CAN learn to hold healthy boundaries with your children-- neither too firm nor too lax.


You CAN love your experience of motherhood (without all the exhaustion, overwhelm and mom guilt!)


The truth is... your child is your teacher! The ways in which they're triggering you, and all the past pain that motherhood is bringing up for you IS the path towards healing, growth and expansion for you, and a more connected relationship with your children.

Katherine supported me with so many tools to help access and manage my emotions and nervous system, heal from trauma, have healthy boundaries and communication with my partner and be a supportive role model to my child.

She has truly made a huge impact on my life,

I am so grateful.


Thank you Katherine!

-Mallory Wedding-

Before working with Katherine, I was struggling with being triggered by my children and feeling stuck in anxiety.

I now enjoy being with my kids and I'm more playful and involved!

I stopped raising my voice and more than ever seek connection.

I learned how to release stored emotions and free myself from feeling frozen. I'm now able to regulate my feelings and feel more calm.

I definitely recommend working with Katherine! She is warm and compassionate and gets to the core issues where change happens.

- Olga -

Imagine what could be possible...


You're enjoying your day- to- day life as a mother and you deeply appreciate your time with your children. Instead of feeling depleted and overwhelmed, you actually feel excited to wake up on a Sunday morning and make pancakes together and play a board game.


Your child can be having a bad day and instead of wanting to go lock yourself in the bathroom (so you don't completely flip out on them!) you're able to stay grounded in your body and stay connected with yourself and to your children. You now have the capacity to help them learn the skill sets that they need to navigate through their difficulties in a calm, collected manner. 


All of this and more IS possible for you...

Hi! I'm Katherine Aucoin and I'm a therapist turned trauma-informed parenting coach, as well as being a mom to two lively and loveable young boys. 


I understand from the depth of my being how challenging motherhood can be.


The early years of mothering my two boys brought me to my knees... moments of sheer exhaustion, complete overwhelm, intolerable frustration.  Moments where I felt totally alone and had trouble imagining easier days ahead.


Then I went through a deep healing process to unwind generational trauma, regulate my nervous system and completely rewire my experience of motherhood --which of course impacted my children's experience for the better too!


What I learned is that it's the deep healing experiences that change everything. 

And I want that for you too :) 


My experience working with moms for the last 9 years has given me a wealth of insight into how and why mothers struggle, and what it takes to truly thrive and become the parent you want to be. I've seen this both in my own life and in the lives of my clients.


The deeper work can unlock a truly magical experience of motherhood!


That's why I'm so committed to bringing this work to moms and helping you transform at a root cause level-- so that you can go from an unsatisfying experience of motherhood to an experience of true joy and connection with your children, feeling confident you can be the parent they truly need!


You are worthy of a better experience of motherhood, and your children are worthy of a more present and connected YOU! 

Doing your own inner healing work allows generational patterns to shift-- creating a new, brighter future for your children and a ripple effect on generations to come. 


Together we'll work to shift patterns that are keeping you stuck. 


Your familiar patterns are often rooted in your own childhood experiences. So often they're inter-generational. And they're really hard to shift on your own. 


Through regulating your nervous system and healing old traumas and emotional wounds you will BECOME the mother your children need. 


How you show up for your children and what you model to them deeply impacts their mental and physical health as well as their future relationships.


I want you to have a beautiful experience of motherhood and a deeply connected relationship with your children. 


If you're ready to go from daily fears that you're messing up your kids and an unfulfilling experience of motherhood... to one filled with joy, connection and confidence that you're doing the right things for your children, then I invite you to book a discovery session to chat with me about whether 1-1 trauma-informed parent coaching is right for you.

Katherine has opened my eyes to so much inner healing - from introducing me to bliss lists to regulating my nervous system. She has helped me find a new lease on life!

We have worked on healing many parts of my inner child and she has helped me transform into a calmer and more present mother. I am truly a better equipped parent all around.

Meeting with Katherine is the highlight of my week. She is so incredibly informed, professional, kind and so easy to talk to.

- Lesley Gibbons -

Katherine has consistently provided a safe and non-judgmental space to explore all aspects of myself, and I always finish our sessions feeling truly heard and understood exactly where I am at. She is patient, open-minded, empathetic and very skilled. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Katherine is amazing and I am so grateful to have found her. She's helped me let go of old patterns and heal old wounds and become the mom I want to be for my child. 


I am so grateful for this program and for Katherine’s guidance. She has such a depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to all things related to motherhood.