Mothers in Bloom Group Coaching 

Learn how to heal from your past, regulate your nervous system and BECOME the parent you want to be!

Take me to the details!

Mothers in Bloom Group Coaching

Learn how to heal from your past, regulate your nervous system and BECOME the parent you want to be!


Take me to the details!

I see how hard you try, mama

You're determined to be the best mom you can be for your children-- but somehow it always feels like you're falling short, and you're utterly exhausted by it all.


You're bombarded with advice on how to raise your kids the "right" way. You try so hard to be a conscious parent, a gentle parent... but these ideals are hard to live up to and you never feel like you're doing enough (and you feel the mom guilt that comes along with that!) 


You live with the quiet fear that each time you lose your cool you're messing up your children and passing on unhealthy patterns from your own less than ideal childhood.


You commit to not making the same mistakes your parents did. But then... you hear your mom's words coming out of your mouth. And notice you're being reactive just like your dad was (and cue more mom guilt).

It's a beautiful goal to want to be an amazing, connected mom for your children, but the way you're going about it is a recipe for burnout.

There's the overwhelm you feel from all the daily demands. You're regularly overstimulated by the noise and chaos that young children bring. And exhaustion is your constant companion. 


You want so badly to love motherhood... but the honest truth is that you're just so worn out. 


OF COURSE you love your children with all your heart! 

But on many days you just want to either collapse in bed or run out the door. (But you don't. You paste on a smile and make yet another snack and play yet another mind-numbing game of cars or barbies).

Parenting young children feels relentless

It never stops and you're just trying to get through the day-- and you are making it through! But you can feel it in your gut that it could be so much better than this! 


Maybe you've attempted to integrate self-care into your life to help you re-energize and fill your cup.  But you just can't seem to find the time and space for it, and you feel disappointed with that too.


You're in survival mode pretty much every day and you can't shake the feeling that you're doing it all wrong...

But motherhood can be so much better than that!

Really, it IS possible with the right tools and support. 


Living and parenting from survival mode is the result of having unhealed

attachment wounds from your childhood and a dysregulated nervous system. 


On the other side of healing those things, your experience of motherhood can and should be full of joy and connection! You'll be more in touch with your own mama's intuition, and you'll actually have the capacity to be more present for your children (the endless snack-making and games of cars and barbies may not seem so bad anymore...)


All those parenting strategies you keep trying will work BETTER when you're in a regulated state already yourself.


You'll be more attuned to yourself and your emotions, and you'll lose your sh*t far less when you know how to access your inner calm. 


And when you get off track from that (because you will--moms are human too!) having the tools to know how to get yourself back to a regulated state is KEY.


And that's the power of group coaching...

Therapist and Trauma-Informed Parenting Coach

Hi, I'm Katherine Aucoin

and I'm a trauma-informed parenting coach. 

I used to live deep in the trenches of motherhood-- with exhaustion, overwhelm and frustration part of my daily experience. Hitting rock bottom when my children were 4 and 1 forced me to figure out a better way-- and I learned that motherhood could actually be joyful when I let go of my patterns of self-abandonment and martyrdom. 


Motherhood has truly been a catalyst for my personal growth--my own healing work has happened alongside my parenting. I am so deeply COMPELLED and PASSIONATE about sharing what I've learned personally and professionally with other mothers. 


I combine my hard-won personal experience with my training and experience as a therapist for moms for 9 years, and now as a trauma-informed parenting coach.


I invite you along this journey with me and a community of other mothers to learn, grow and evolve together so that you can become the mother your children need and uncover the incredible woman inside of you.

It all starts with your own inner work. Your healing and transformation deeply impact how you show up for your children and will have a ripple effect on generations to come.


Motherhood triggers our deepest wounds and pain from the past. This is hard, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to heal and evolve for ourselves and our children! 

Our children are watching us… how we behave, how we react to people and situations, how we handle (or don’t handle) our emotions.

​What we MODEL to them and who we ARE is way more important than anything we can say or teach them.  

Your child's emotional world develops from your emotional responses and reactions, and also how you model emotional wellness. 


 How you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself will create a blueprint for how they feel about themselves and how they treat themselves in the future.


Your children's emotional state is a reflection of YOUR emotional state.

Parenting tools and techniques can only get you so far. The most transformational work you can do for your family is to turn the mirror on yourself and dig through the messy layers and do the healing work to find the vibrant, loving, empowered and joyful mother and woman you’re meant to be.

She’s in there, I promise! And she feels confident and knows from the core of her being how to BE the mother her children need.  And Mothers in Bloom can help you uncover her. 


In the program you'll learn the tools to find emotional regulation yourself so your children can find their calm with you. You'll learn what TRUE self-care means (not just bubble baths and pedicures!) and how to actually carve out time for it so you can rediscover your energy and vitality and be more present for your children. And you'll learn how to re-parent your inner child so she isn't constantly sabotaging your life and your parenting. 


You don't need to stay stuck on the hamster wheel of exhaustion, dissatisfaction and disappointment with your own parenting.


There IS a better way-- and it starts with you and your own healing!

**Early enrollment is now available at $100 off/month until June 17th**

Join us for 3 months of group support, regulation, healing and a whole new experience of parenting!

*Days and times of group sessions will be decided once enrollment is complete. Every effort is made to find a time that works for everyone, including group members in different time zones.

Group+ One 1-1 Session/month with Katherine
*4 spots still available*
$497 USD/month

I would absolutely recommend Mothers in Bloom. I learned so much about self care and nervous system regulation. I felt seen, heard and validated in a safe intimate space. I felt so supported by Katherine, she was always there to coach during our connection calls and via Voxer.


Before Mothers in Bloom, I would fall into guilt and shame spirals from my parenting struggles. After my journey with the program I gained much needed tools to help me when I'm struggling, most importantly I learned how to give myself and my child compassion and grace.

Thank you Katherine, I am so grateful to you!

~Group Coaching Participant

I am so grateful for this program and for Katherine’s guidance. She has such a depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to all things related to motherhood. She has put together a holistic program that sets every mother up for success.


I urge every mama to join Mothers in Bloom if you are looking to enhance your journey as a mother, feel connected, feel community, and hear simple tips and techniques you can use to make balancing everything on your plate so much easier.


The value that we have received is INCREDIBLE and I will be a part of these circles for as long as I can!  Thank you Katherine for transforming my concept of motherhood and giving me a community of support!

~Group Coaching Participant

How this program can change your experience as a mother:

Together we'll transform your experience of motherhood from overwhelm, exhaustion and struggle to confidence, patience and joy. 

Learn how to be the mother you know in your heart you're meant to be, and the one your children truly need!

Group Coaching

Group coaching is an opportunity to move beyond playground chat and go deep into healing... and transformation!


Here you'll get to the heart of what makes your motherhood experience so challenging, and learn profound tools to grow beyond your struggles. 


You'll do this in a small group community (max. 10 moms) and with a deep level of coaching and support from Katherine.

Group Coaching packages include:

Online Group Coaching 

Meet in a safe virtual space weekly throughout the  program with Katherine and a small group of other moms. Learn new tools and get coaching and support so you can heal, grow and blossom into the mother you're meant to be! 

Voxer support

Text and voice support between group coaching sessions-- receive coaching from me and support from fellow group members.

Monthly Workshops

Three workshops-- topics include nervous system regulation, inner child healing and a topic of the group's choice. 

You'll benefit most from group coaching if...

You're a mom of young children (approx.12 and under). Moms-to-be are welcome too-- this is a great opportunity to prepare yourself!

You feel weighed down by all the expectations coming from others (and from within!)

You haven't been feeling good about yourself or your parenting and you're worried you're messing up your kids.

You give so much to your children and it never feels like enough.

You're SO done with feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, guilty or frustrated in your daily life.

You want a closer, more connected relationship with your children.

You want to parent differently than your own parents did and break generational cycles.

You’re wanting an experience of motherhood that's joyful and soooo much easier than what you've experience up until now!

You're ready for change and willing to take steps to grow and evolve yourself as a mother.

Mothers in Bloom helped me dig deeper into why I am reacting to my children in certain ways.  


It was interesting to look at my patterns and realize they stemmed from childhood sadness, and see how I was projecting this on the kids.


It was a relief to be assured that my toddlers' difficult behaviors were normal and the same as what other parents are dealing with.  It was encouraging to be offered some tools to improve my relationship with my children and have less yelling and frustration in our home.


Thank you Katherine for putting together this wonderful program!

-Mothers in Bloom Participant

"I have always prided myself on self improvement and working on my personal growth, having completed a number of workshops and programs. But... nothing quite prepares you for life as a mother and all of the complexities and feelings it can stir up inside of you.


The Mothers in Bloom Program has highlighted that I don't have to do this alone and taught me that self care is absolutely necessary for me to be the best version of myself. Katherine's course made me realize that I'm not alone on this journey.


-Mothers in Bloom Participant

**Early enrollment is now available at $100 off/month until June 17th**

Join us for 3 months of group support, regulation, healing and a whole new experience of parenting!

*Days and times of group sessions will be decided once enrollment is complete. Every effort is made to find a time that works for everyone, including group members in different time zones.


What time are the group coaching sessions?

This is a small group so once registration is complete we'll get everyone's time zones and set a time accordingly.

What if I have to miss a group coaching call?

No problem-- motherhood and life happen! Calls will be recorded and you can catch up on your own time.

I'm shy/ introverted/
uncomfortable in groups... is this the right program for me?

You're in good company!  There's usually some natural hesitation in a new group. Mothers in Bloom is a safe, supportive, non-judgmental community. There will  never be any pressure to share what you're not comfortable with. 

Is group coaching covered by insurance or extended benefits?

Coaching programs are not usually covered by insurance. Coaching isn't covered in the same way as therapy is...however as a former therapist I'm choosing to offer this as a coaching program because it provides a deeper level of support and a deeper transformation. 

I've tried so many things to improve my motherhood experience and be a better mom for my kids. Will this program really make a difference for me?

It wouldn't be ethical for me to guarantee anything because only you can control what you put into this program. But... this isn't a book or advice from your neighbor! This is deep-dive coaching and it really gets to the root of the issue and in combination with a supportive group of other moms-- this is a POWERFUL opportunity for healing and transformation. 

Do you still have a question about

Mothers in Bloom?